Remote Support Platform

LookSee.Do Remote Support Application

The remote support platform is a PC and mobile communication tool which enables equipment experts from anywhere in the world to help technicians in the most remote and poorly connected areas to operate, maintain, and fix medical equipment at a fraction of the previous cost and with greatly reduced downtime. It operates at extremely low bandwidth so that even equipment sites with very poor internet connectivity can be supported.

Features include instant messaging, photo-sharing and annotations, and 3D equipment model-sharing. In addition, remote support sessions are stored to the cloud for later perusal and quality control.

  • Low bandwidth requirement of under 1kbps for standard operation
  • Works on entry level smart devices, no other hardware required
  • Industry specific insight from our team of experienced Biomedical Engineers
  • French support for Francophone countries
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    Equipment Environmental Monitoring

    LookSee.Do Enviromental Monitoring

    Our remote equipment monitoring solution prevents equipment breakdowns by monitoring environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and power, and alerting stakeholders in real-time when these conditions are out of spec and equipment breakdown is imminent.

    The solution is modular, so that even if you only want to monitor one metric such as temperature, you can do so. As your requirement grows, we add modules to meet your needs. Upcoming additions include grounding monitoring and air quality.

    We provide a powerful dashboard accessible via web interface or mobile app that allows you to control the units remotely and receive notifications.

  • ADSL or 3G with built-in connectivity failover
  • Pre-provisioned ready-to- deploy sim cards for over 200 countries
  • Remote access for parameter setting, software upgrades and fault diagnosis
  • Remote support platform with low-bandwidth 3D model sharing for effective real-time hardware support
  • Modular hardware component design using off-the-shelf parts available in most countries for fast spare parts turnaround
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    Virtual and Augmented Reality

    LookSee.Do Augmented & Virtual Reality

    At we have developed an impressive suite of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tools for use in medical equipment marketing and training. We build solutions that allow you to interact with 3D equipment models, incorporating hand gesture control, powerful 3D graphics and animations, and external mechatronic control features.

    Whether it is to show off your latest products to customers at trade shows or in their office, or to build a training tool for equipment operators and technicians, we can produce a solution to suit your budget.

    We build VR experiences on an impressive range of hardware including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, and Google Cardboard. Our Augmented Reality experiences can be developed for all mobile devices, as well as PC and Meta Space glasses.

  • Industry specific insight from our team of Biomedical Engineers
  • Accomplished development team takes interactivity with the virtual experience to a level not possible by competitors in South Africa
  • Ability to deploy solutions on low-cost devices such as Google Cardboard, Deepoon, Pi Max, and of course, regular mobile devices
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